AUG&OHR Medien Films Berlin selection 25. februar 2018, Međunarodni centar za djecu i omladinu – International Youth center Kemala Kapetanovića 17, Grbavica, Novo Sarajevo at 17:00

DOCUMENTARY FEATURE 2                                                                                                                         




(Nora Fingscheidt)  110.15Min  2017

Argentina, 2016: in a remote desert 700 Mennonites of German origin lead 18thcentury lives without electricity, music, or any of the amenities modern life affords. But is it really conceivable to reject modernity altogether? Without This World captures the portrait of a tranquil, contemplative society caught between tradition and change.



(Leitzke Lamoth)  64.34Min  2016

Life as an artist is tough in Sudans buzzing capital Khartoum, esp. for women. Inside the safe boundaries of an intercultural exchange program, the participants develop concepts to overcome the archaic norms of society. A film about the power of creative expression that aims to serve as a peaceful catalyst for emancipation & social change.