International Festival Mostra Viva del Mediterrani (MVM – Valencia/Spain)

18. Septembra 2020, at 12:37

Coinciding with the designation of Valencia (Spain) as the World Capital of Design for 2022, the International Festival Mostra Viva del Mediterrani, sponsored and coorganized by the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (FACM), presented in its 2019 edition the exhibition “La Mar d’I.lustrades” which shows the work of a selection of 18 female illustrators and visual artists from 18 countries on the Mediterranean basin.

The Illustrators and artists present their work through various styles and profiles, but in the group, common elements can be discovered when it comes to understanding the visual identity of the Mediterranean culture, this time through the women’s gaze.
Curator: Tomás Gorria (

This exhibition, which is integrated into Mostra Viva del Mediterrani Festival 2019 Edition as part of Pont del Mediterrani Award for Valencia World Capital of Design 2022, is presented at the 2020 Sarajevo International Winter Festival, in the sign of the Sarajevo Olympics of Culture 2021, and now it is presented worldwide through this video and the collaborative ARTISTIC platform RAVMED.

As part of the cultural and artistic activities the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (FACM), the realization of the exhibition “La mar d’I.lustrades” is organized by :
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in collaboration with:

– International Festival Mostra Viva del Mediterrani (MVM – Valencia/Spain)

– MCA Sarajevo circle – Sarajevo International Winter Festival 2020

– Museum of History of Bosnia and Herzegovina

– Alija Kučukalić Memorial Atelier Foundation (MAAK)

– Valencia World Capital Design 2022 (Pont del Mediterrani award 2019 by Mostra Viva del Mediterrani)


Artists and couintires participants In alphabetical order:
Aicha Abouhaj (Morocco),
Maria Chiara Banchini (Italy),
Zeineb Ben Haouala (Tunisia),
Diala Brisi (Syria),
Florence Bouchain (France),
Daphne Christoforou (Cyprus),
Ana Hoxha (Albania),
Tea Jurišić (Croatia)
Sonya Korshenboym (Israel),
Lejla Kučukalić (Bosnia-Herzegovina),
Virginia Lorente (Spain),
Irena Milačić (Montenegro),
Theda Mimilaki (Greece),
Deena Mohamed (Egypt),
Samara Rana (Palestine),
Vesna Skornsek (Slovenia),
Büşra Üzgün (Turkey),
Maya Zankoul (Lebanon)